E3C Nolo
E3 GC 4K Small - kopie
E3C - kopie

Perfect compatible with VR-Simulators

Seamless integration to your VR-Simulator machines or VR amusement parks.

DPVR HMD's are a heaven for developers to work with, ready to use your custom software or our Android system.

No obligations like other brands, total freedom.

DPVR wireless all in one vr virtual reality owatch
DPVR wireless all in one vr virtual reality

TÜV Rheinland Low-Blue-Light

The hardware certification reduces the most harmful blue light spectrum while allowing harmless blue light to remain.

Display devices can therefore achieve high color quality while meeting the requirements for low blue light emissions.

We can now say bye-bye to low blue-light displays with a yellow tint.

Lightweight and Ergonomic

295 grams and the auto-adjust head strap makes it even more comfortable to wear.

One-size-fits-all or an adjustable headstrap both are possible to enjoy the virtual world, are you ready ? 

DPVR wireless all in one vr virtual reality

Racing Simulator with DPVR

Partner up with DPVR for your racing simulators,
4K resolution to show all details and make it as realistic as possible.

Which brand can offer the same quality for this price ?